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Brands to look for when buying a Massage Chair

A massage chair is no doubt an expensive piece of equipment and drowning a bucket of cash on something that will not provide you with the satisfaction you require is disappointing to say the least. I will provide you with a list of some brands that have proven their worth in this department so you may have a better experience with minimal surprises. The brands have been chosen with respect to consumer experiences and reviews so there is a very high chance that everyone will have similar experiences based on those reviews. Without further delay, let us describe you best massage chair brands and why we choose them in our final list.


Inada has made a name for itself in the massage chair industry through its various awards at brand expos and credible events. It is often the go to brand for buyers as it has a high market share and therefore everyone knows about it. It is easy to find as a lot of people use it, getting a used Inada chair is a possibility too if the new ones seem a bit expensive. With Inadas build quality so high, it will be almost impossible to find faults in a used model allowing you to buy one without giving much thought into it.


When it comes to home appliances, Panasonic is seen almost everywhere. With Panasonic building a name for itself through quality, you will not have to look for a good model in the Panasonic massage chair range. All models are built with quality in mind so all you need to do is look in a specific price range and you will definitely find something that fits your needs perfectly. A worthy model to discuss from the Panasonic range is the MA73. One of its key selling points is that it allows users to save a number of favorite settings to target different portions of the body. This means that you do not have to adjust every setting whenever you need a different experience. In fact, all you need to do is press a single button for settings to adjust themselves.

Human touch

As the name suggests, Human Touch has been in the industry of massage chairs for long enough (35 years) to make their products give a sense of natural therapy instead of a robotic or artificial feeling. Design Journal Awards is a credible awarding organization that has provided Human Touch with a number of awards throughout the years. The World federation of Chiropractic has also approved these chairs and so far they are the only ones to get approval from this organization.


The highlighting point of Osaki is that they offer a lower-tier range of products for people who are not ready to shell out enormous chunks of cash. Osaki offers products that sit under the $3,000 price range which gives it a significant advantage over other brands. It may be offering a lesser price but the quality is definitely not lower in anyway. Certain luxurious features, like the favorite setting option might not be available in this range but the quality that they promise is definitely present in their products.

By looking at the above brands, it is safe to say that the quality is above par for all of them. If you want to buy something specific, you will have to search about the models of all these brands to make sure you get what you need in the better price.